About Me

1968 Graduated from Cambridge School of Art, UK

1969 Worked with Andy Warhol in New York for a short time on his Interview publication.

Exhibited in:

John Moores Liverpool Exhibition

British International Drawing Biennale

British International Print Biennale

London Group Exhibition

Chichester National Open Art Exhibition

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Exhibitions of Original Drawings, Museum of Modern Art in Rijeka

Museum of Fine Arts, Bilbao

H.M. Government Art Collection.

Sixteen solo exhibitions in Mayfair London

Work held in private collections in Canada, America, Mexico, Europe and Australia

Art Critic Brian Sewell:

“Poul Webb’s art is the art of close focus on the familiar, on things so common-place that they are never noticed – and here they suddenly are, edged by the eye of a painter into a heightened reality that stops well short of hallucination, yet has the quality of a waking dream… His technical mastery is never obtrusive… Webb jogs us into the gentle discomfort of the sharpened eye, and with deft certainty neatly reminds us that nostalgia, sentiment, curiosity and delight are still legitimate doors to perception”.

Art Critic John Russell Taylor in The Times newspaper:

“One knows all the time what turns him on as a painter, and consequently why he goes where he goes. He is essentially a painter of clear skies and tropical climes, where shadows are as deeply purple as the Impressionists said they were, and colours are rich, vivid and clearly differentiated. One of Webb’s earlier shows memorably discovered (a bit before the rest of the world) the splendours of Art Deco Miami. The oils break down everything into blocks of pure colour, so that the gallery positively vibrates.”